At Gillco Labels, we are investing time and resources into green initiatives in order to minimize our impact on the environment while still striving to accomplish organizational goals.

Ways we're going green

Certified paper stock and other eco-friendly materials play an important role in helping us and our buyers become greener.

We continuously strive to find new ways of achieving sustainability in our industry with new raw materials and product development forever changing, we are committed to the cause of eco-friendly products and sustainability of our planet and the footprint we leave behind.

We are implementing the following green trends to help reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Offering recyclable and other eco-friendly label materials.
  • Thinner paper products to reduce raw materials and energy consumption.
  • Regular internal environmental audits to assess and monitor green initiatives.
  • Recycling liner and label stock waste into new types of packaging material.
  • Internal recycling programs with strategically placed recycling bins in facilities.